They met in the valley far away from modern man
While stepping to the beat of the Missing Horse.

Next day they caught the old horse as he was taking
Water in Calico Rock and soon after being hitched
He bolted down trail with heavy hoofs reaching
Skyward and the clouds were tickled!

Lying back in coach his heart carried her shoulders
As he cheek caressed her golden hair
Their eyes danced in virgin forests, then lay on
Rivers gleaming light as the horse chased his tail.

Their hearts in sympathy and flexing with
Broken rail as two hands interface with tender feelings
His soul annealed with passion, his spirit home
To rest, and life--so precious.

A while later the horse stalled in his chute high
Above river causing passengers to worry about
Their destiny, just then an old world conductor
Appeared and consoled them with that famous line;
(You can't hardly get there from here.)

Going back they could feel the sun of the Ozarks
Out raising hell and that Iron Horse jerking their trail.

This one for BeBoe, his Missing Rose.