Your kiss is so sweet,
Your touch is so gentle,
She loves the way you look at her,
She loves the way you are always near her.

When she is crying, you kiss away her tears,
When she is happy, you become so playful,
You are a big part of her life.

When you sleep next to her; you provide comfort, warmth and love;
You are very loving, tender and gentle;
You seem to know when she needs a tender touch,
Or a paw up her nose.

When the clock radio goes off, you are the alarm that kisses her until she wakes up,
Cordie, she never thought she would get so attached to you as she has,
You know, being the cat person that she is,
And being the ever loving, sweet and affectionate puppy that you are.

She loves you her sweetie;
Your love is returned every minute of every day,
You seem to know when she needs someone, you are there,
You have made her happy and made her life complete.

Cordie her puppy, you have given her so much love,
You are very special to her, she is so thankful you came into her life!