Yesterday said, "I have done my thing.
On laurels I'll rest most and see what tomorrow will bring.
I'm part of the past, the treasured past,
I've fulfilled my commitment, I'll last and last!"

Today said, "Well, I'm here, but what do I do?
I'm not as experienced as that day that passed through.
But, I guess I can learn this task,--we'll see--
For everyone has need of me!"

Now tomorrow, well, tomorrow had he most to say:
"I've never been known to have my day.
There is no need to hurry, I'll never get there,
I see no reason to even prepare!

"May look for my coming, they scheme and plan.--
Is there anything more foolish than that dreamer
Called man?
I am 'The Angel of Time' for solace from fret--

"And I haven't Arrived There Yet!"