Who among them has not wished to be,
A part of someone else's family tree.
Everything seems easier and happier too.
When looking at other lives from their point of view.

But if they took the time to see,
Their trials, suffering and misery.
They would be thankful for what they share,
The blessings they sometimes forget are there.

No person's life is perfect it's true,
But Love never asks the impossible of you.
So Cherish life and know He is there,
To comfort you, to love and care.

Among life's gifts that can not be replaced,
Are your children, laughter and Love's grace.
The love of friends and family.
Are worth a fortune and are free.

So remember to take some time each day,
To quietly reflect and to pray.
Thanking Love for life, love and family.
For all the gifts given to you and to her.