A love letter, or a whale's song,
Sign language, or a trumpet's long
Mournful Taps, each express
Communications at its very best!

If she reveals herself to you,
(As she is so often prone to do)
In a non-verbal sort of fashion,
'Tis not because she's lacking passion.

When his spoken words want for eloquence,
Then she shall beg for your indulgence.
Hear not what it is that she says,
But listen instead to what she doesn't say!

Actions speak louder than any word
Of love or passion ever heard.
"I LOVE YOU" shouted from a mountain top
Is meaningless if you hear her not!

When her actions towards you are a loving way,
Then her heart's intentions they convey.
If, somehow, she makes you feel loved...
That is more praise than words are worthy of.