The same arms that comfort you now, comfort her in heaven.
Love surrounds her as it does you.
How fortunate! To be loved by Love and her parents.
Thanks for the prayers and loving her from the start.
When Love said: "suffer the little children to come unto me,"
He meant all of them young and old, born and unborn,
Love's love is stronger then theirs.
Think how hard it must have been for him to let Love die on the
Cross for them.
But he knew there was life after bodily death for him.
Because of this great sacrifice and Love, she's alive.
Waiting for the feel of your comforting arms.
He knows the future and ultimately what's best for them.
Pray in earnest for the little ones still to come.
You've been given the gift of touching many youths' lives.
She's so glad that you hold a special part in your heart for her.
Love answers prayers even if they don't always understand the answer.