There are eight basic colors,
From which most colors derive,
In observing the world, from day to day,
These colors come alive.

Blue is the color of water and sky,
The color of planes and birds that fly.
Green is the color of house, grass and tree,
June bugs, limes and weeds at sea.

Orange is the color of leaves big and small,
Pumpkins, squash, and persimmons in the fall.
Purple is plum and violets that bloom,
A king's robe, wisteria, the color of a room.

Red and black are coal and fire,
Rooftops and cars, a barn or a tire.
It is wagon, fire trucks, Santa's suit and hat,
Boots, skillet, onyx, a bear and a cat.

Yellow and brown are acorn and corn,
Chestnuts, buckeyes, sun flowers, a horn.
These beautiful colors, paint a canvas through time,
A give to life, reason and rhyme.