The petals felt like silk,
As they fell on her face.
She lay in bed,
Wrapped in black lace.
The roses were of many colors,
Soft like a baby's hand.
They were thrown on her face,
Along with a bit of sand.
The wind swayed on,
And the breeze blew her hair.
The sun blazed upon her,
But she could still feel the cold air.
She could hear people crying,
But she couldn't see a face.
Her eyes were shut tight.
Not a sight, not a trace.
And as she looked up,
She could only see sky.
She looked beyond the blue,
And wondered if she could fly.
A tear fell upon her,
Wetting her cold pale cheek.
Why did that tear fall,
She looks and she seeks.
But she sees nothing,
Instead she's lowered in her bed.
Now she knows she'll never realize,
That she is gone and she is dead.