Coincidence, intensified,
Myopic scientists ignore.
In replicating chance, deride
Experiments already tried.
What Science has researched, explore!
In Karl Van Reichenbach's long quest,
Odylic light (his own invention)
Made darkened objects manifest.
Higgs' Aether-wrath bosoms attest
New citing in the 5th-dimension.
When set,
Coincidence mandates attention!
Thinking about how humans think,
Compared to how the 5th-dimension.
May manage scientific tension,
Each modern sighting marks one link
To truths Gnostic were forced to hide.
Spirit, invisible--and Light,
In symbols Silence codified.
And priests and rabbis still indict!
And yet,
Where chance is circumscribed by time,
Symbolic MATHwords still convey
PI-meaning Silence made sublime.
Now, ancient 3 & 5 terms chime,
Locked in, in code, in DNA!
Godsend (more than coincidence)
Shows chance has always mystified
All those involved. Godsend makes sense
To mystics able to say whence
Come MATHwords Daniel magnified.
So, let
Science ask: Does communication
Extend--to Man--from Deity?
Or, practical imagination
Perceive, in quiet contemplation,
Why simultaneous discovery
Takes place? Godsend, identified,
Advance like a tidal bore...
Coincidence, intensified,
Flows from The Word. Once deified,
Was, is, and shall be, evermore.