The Christmas tree glows in the darkness of the night,
As a tall silhouette appears through the flickering light.
Shaded gifts are placed beneath the tree,
And the air possess the scent of heated potpourri.
Large weary eyes watch the fading flame burn,
While within, the days gone by, is what he begins to yearn.
His saddened heart is filled with Christmas sentiment
As he turns to admire the brightened ornaments.
Toy soldiers, bears, & angels bring their smiles back from the past,
To share their special stories that through the years will last;
Of sweet little children who open long awaited toys,
Never knowing that their smiles create perfect holiday joys.
His mind continues to wonder as he finished up the stockings,
Then holds one in his hand and starts imagining...
Of what it would be like if one weren't left empty,
If this little boy could once again sit upon his knee.
Receiving no answer for his question, "Why?",
Christmas morning approaches as Santa begins to cry.