...She gazed out her window there's frost in the air, soon it will snow leaving
Drifts on the stair. With her nose to the pane she thinks to the past, to her
Time as a child, oh how she thought it could last! When she looks back,
Christmas comes to her mind, full of wonderous splendor and gifts of all kind
The house is all deckled with tinsel and light, the tree all dressed up what
A magical sight! Mom is in the kitchen with a feast to prepare, so many smells
Tempting all fills the air. Family and friends gather together, singing carols
At fireside in spite of the weather. 'Twould be long past midnight and she
Should have been sleeping, she'd sit near her window, hoping to be peeping,
A little fat man with a beard white as snow, driving a sleigh with eight
Reindeer in tow. She never did spy him--he was quick as a flash. From their
Roof to their stockings was his 50 yard dash! He remembered them always,
The young and the old. He's kind and he's good just like they've been told.
This Christmas is no different, she still cannot sleep. So she'll look toward the
Sky hoping for a peep. As she gazes out her window she sees frost in the air,
Soon it will snow leaving drifts on the stair....