Chiseled in stone, lies the cold
Hard truth
So much love in his small life he gave
As she sits crying beside a small
Hard grave.
When John was born, her heart was
Filled with high hopes
He was big and looked healthy
A beautiful child
Then the cold hard truth fell over
So fast, as the doctor, they told him
His life would not last.
It made her feel bitter, and oh so alone
She tried to ignore it, and her life,
It moved on.
She watched as he struggled so hard
To just breathe.
She was so selfish and again
She did pray, "Oh Love, let him live,
Please don't take him from me."
His condition, it worsened and his
Days and nights grew bad, it was
Then she could see, she fell to her knees
And started to pray: "Oh dear Love, please
Take him, it is easy to see, dear Love you
Need him worse than he needs me. But Love
Please let him see, just how much I loved
Him and thank you dear Love for leading him
To me."