They are children of the night
Born to cry, raised to fight.
Trying their best to make it through,
Wondering what is really true.
They ponder; they think; they search;
Hoping their fears will soon disperse.
They hide; they wait; they shiver;
Longing to know what fate will deliver...
Maybe be merciful and answer a prayer--
But do no expect it...don't ever dare.
Probably a trial will be sent in its place,
Again with sorrow she came face to face.
She must stand tall; she will stand firm,
And from this heartache she will learn.
For life is tough, but she is stronger
And darkness binds her soul no longer.
She must live until her days are gone
And knows that she is not really alone.
For she is a child of the night...
But in the distance she sees a light.