Dark storm clouds gathered the horizon,
Churning and swirling into a black ominous color,
The air overhead stood still, as an eerie silence settled upon the land...
A metallic taste hung in the air
And a slight vibration could be felt
Miles off into the distance,
"Mamma! Mamma! Mamma!"
"Hush up child, quit ah makin' all that noise"
"But Mama, look up there's ah storm ah comin'"
"I know child, now gather up your things and come inside."
The vast silence was destroyed, as mother nature
In her rage unleashed with a thunderous roar,
The fury of swirling clouds, chaos reigned supreme,
As the funnel of clouds touched the earth,
Bringing about complete devastation of anything in its path,
Silent prayers were muttered over the thunderous roar
As the earth shook violently,
Threatening to be sucked up
Into the black abyss.