If one day you chance to be walking
On the beyou, and down by the cove
And you're thinking "This place is just awful!"
It's actually her Chestnut Grove.
It may look like a jungle, all covered in weeds
And the sight of it will make you sad.
But to a young girl with no toys and no friends,
It was the best thing that she'd ever had.
She used to go often, just sit there awhile
All by herself and pretend
That she was a princess, and you were her prince
And they loved each other no end.
The treetops above them stretched high to the sky,
Which was always the bluest of blues.
But when she moved away and the grove had to stay
She knew it was you she would lose.
So if you happen to go there, her prince
Rock in that old treasure trove,
Please look with your heart, dear, and not your eyes
And meet her in their Chestnut Grove.