They have a little dog named "Charlie"

Named after that famous perfume
Charlie is a female Maltese
Whose antics take away their gloom.

She frequently borrows her credit card
And off to the pet shop goes
To buy her favorite cookies
And whatever else, only she knows.

She sleeps on their bed at night
With one eye open for burglars
Who might prowl the house
Looking for those cookies
That are solely hers.

She bit the postman one day
For calling her a cute little fellow
Guess they should have warned him
On her collar her gender
Is proudly printed in yellow.

She has yet to win a ribbon
At those prissy little doggie shows
Because she prances by the judges
With her little stuck-up nose.

But to them she is a champion
Of that there can be no doubt
Because in this household of theirs
She carries a lot of clout.

Someone once called her "Your Highness"
Now she thinks she has royal genes
No longer wants to be called "Charlie"
But "Your Majesty the Queen."