There's something spinning in her head, she doesn't think she'll get out of bed.
Her husband says you can't lie there, get up now and comb your hair.
Here lately, she's been so uptight, it's getting hard to live this life.
Oh help her! She can't find her shoe, Oh Lordy, there's so much to do.

The two boys and girl are still in bed, with the covers pulled up over
Their heads, as her voices rises to a high shrilled pitch, and her husband
Says--there goes the bitch.
Where is the soap--wife I need a towel--then the two kids and baby
Start to howl. How do I look? Am I too fat? No hubby dear--I love you
In that.

It's 7 o'clock a.m., the house is in full swing, and she feels that certain
...Screammmmm...coming again.
Breakfast is on the table and they're all seated around, and good old
Mom--forgot and burnt the ham! Oh what is this horrible feeling?
What is it all about? She feels she's turned inside out and all she does is pout!

Well the kids are off to school and she still feels the fool. Her husband
Gives her her peck of love, as her tear-stained eyes search above, and
Say...dear Love!! pleaseeeeeee, help the wife, get through this--her
Change of life.