The thorns tear the flesh, and the bleeding
Run to heal the wounds and pain she caused
Them. She no longer has the heart to care,
For it is lost in the veins of death. Past
Decisions have only left her with hate.

Then seasons began to change and so does she.
Virulent thoughts no longer run mad through
Her mind. The devil's veins once smothered in
Thorns and blood, and now feeling the
Passionate fires that his love brings. As at
Burns down the barrier which guards her
Heart, she starts to feel her love for him.

Does she believe or should she refuse how he makes her
Feel? Filled with fear as she chokes on the cruel
Words that will soon tare him away. Still
More afraid to show she cares, to only be left
Alone to drown in the pain, when her love is
Not returned.

Lost in a mind full of confusion are the words she
Longs to say....