Ball of light, amid darkness, why do you shine?
Do you hope that one day you will push the darkness away, and shine brightly?
You never die, you always burn, until your hope dies.
Is it a futile war you wage, or does hope lead you to victory?
But you flicker, is something wrong?
Or did you do it as if to sing a silent song?
Or do you not sing, but dance in the black, hoping for an answer?
An answer to Life, or an answer to Death?
You are wondrous glory, light, life...
A slight breeze, a near mortal blow, but you came back.
Your bags are surely not packed.
So you laugh, and sing, and dance with life, while around you, infinite darkness.
It pushes in, you push back out.
It whispers silence, instead you shout!
Man's guilt darkens your soul, still you burn.
His anger and greed blackens your life, still you burn.
You scream of joy and love, while defending against evil and hate.
You are man's love, his reason for living.
Joy and happiness are surely on your standard.
You are his will, his strength, all things pure and right.

A puff of wind, the candle dies, the darkness closes in.