It will sneak in your life like an innocent child,
And make you feel good inside.
Tease you, and please you and set up a trap,
Until you have nowhere to hide.
It plays with your head, always on your mind,
Making you need it to cope.
Then when you are hooked it turns into a crook,
Leaving you jonsing and broke!
If you don't get some more within a short time,
You will soon begin to feel ill,
It makes you so tired, from being so wired,
And you still haven't gotten your fill.
From here, downhill your life will go,
Miserable all of the way
Listen to her and what she knows,
It's a game you don't want to play.
It sneaks out of your life, just like it snuck in,
But this is only a lie.
It jumps right back in, there's no way to win
It's there 'til the day that you die.