February is the month with twenty-eight days
To try and tell of the black man's ways.

They have too much to tell in just one month,
So, why did the government pull such a stunt?

They were brought here over three hundred years ago;
Twelve months of black history should be voted for!

Stand up! Be proud!
Tell of your history, speak plain and speak loud.

Twenty-eight days are not enough.
Love made all people from the very same stuff!

From dirt all people were made,
So just don't tell of their history for twenty-eight days.

Love everybody the way Love said they should.
Love didn't make bad, He made everything good!

They know Satan wants to take a stand
But He's no match for the son of man!

So let them recognize them for only twenty-eight days,
But for twelve months Love will bless them with this amazing grace!