He knows of a place in his mind
Where, if scorched deeply, he can find
Goodness and sanity in Decay
He calls it Black and goes on to say:

"Black is Night, Black is Soul
Evil lies behind self-control
Lose it once and you will see
What it is like to be me.

"Black to the brink of Insanity and Death
Feel the chill of Their cold breath
Depression is a state of mind
Tell me to snap out of it, but I'm not
Your kind.

"Black is seen in a well-lit room
Flowers Wilt while still in Bloom
Loss of mind, loss of life
Only Savior is a gleaming knife.

Black imprisons, no escape
Its dark walls my fingers scrape
No way out--be one with it forever
Eternal ties with Blackness I can't sever."