You were conceived of the purest sweetest love so long ago
In a time when her world was filled with sunshine and smiles and falling leaves.
The months seemed to creep by while she waited here alone with her dreams of you.
Even then, you were precious to her.
Day by day, as Love held your hand and watched you grow within her,
She imagined who you would be. She saw a little face soft brown eyes framed
With golden-brown curls...a face lighted by a smile brighter than the stars.
She spoke to you all through the days...even as you assure you
How much you were loved and wanted are treasured.
What a blessed time this was.
Then came summer, and her anticipation and anxiety gave way to the realization that
You would soon be born!
She was tired. She had worked so long. She thought you would never come.
She became worried. They said everything was alright. She was not so sure...
And then you were here.
Even now, she remembers feeling that through the miracle of giving birth to you,
She had truly seen the eyes of Love. Beautiful child of Love, she wishes you only love
And happiness all the days of your life.