Billy's Angel came to take him by the hand as Love set his soul and spirit free,
On a cold November day.

They shed tears of joy and of sadness and some mourn in silence,
Forever missing your worldly presence.

No longer in pain or discomfort, you are at peace finally,
With Love surrounded by your Angels you look down upon them smiling.

As they just weary body into its eternal resting place they feel you,
Overflowing their hearts and minds with your saintly spirit.

Today they mourn your death but tomorrow they celebrate your life,
Each time they speak your name they pay tribute to your being.
They honor your memory each and every day of their living.

There may be one less star in the sky, but there is one more Angel in heaven.
Now that they must say good-bye, take good care. Though they will meet again,
At the golden gates of heaven.