He came to this place his first look behind these walls
Just imagining pictures now reality calls
The slam of the gates only dim light revails
He must do his time through the cries and the wails
Eat when they say it's affected his slumber
To the people in charge he's just another number
Can't catch a break don't cut up no slack
Just do what they say don't answer back
What did he do to serve such hard time
He's innocent he tells you committed no crime
His sentence was eight but they added four more
Society's outcasts trapped behind these locked doors
The dirt and varmin food not fit for a pet
Disease abound luckily ain't caught one yet
Riot is started sure enough he came
Of course you know he's the one they want to blame
Many sentences unfinished too many troubles left to face
But he guesses it's all part of serving time in this place
So by now you can see serving time can be hard
But it's not as an inmate he's doing time as a Guard....