Her days are over, of being footloose, fancy and free
When she took one look at you, she knew you were the one for her
This road she's been traveling on, has surely led her to you
Her dark nights are brighter now, and gray skies are blue

She would lay on a bed of roses, thorns and all for you
A sweet scent from your love, assures her you'll always be true
For so long she has waited, on this answered prayer from Him
She has been so blessed, and life now doesn't seem so dim
You love her for who she is, and for what ever she becomes
Life with you is wonderful, now that they are one

Lay with her tonight in their bed of roses, like the first time
When you wrapped your arms around her, and said you'd always be hers
Five years have passed, and they're still embracing their new life
Together, forever, as husband and wife

She'd still lay in a bed of roses, thorns and all for you
The same sweet scent from your love, tells her you've been true
She doesn't have to wait so long, on answered prayers from Him
He blesses them every day, when life seems so dim
You've loved her for all these years, and what she's become
Life with you has been wonderful, since they have stayed as one