She cannot describe the happiness that was on your Mother's face,
When she told her of the miracle, that in her life had taken place.
Many years it had been her heart's desire, to have a baby of her own;
Then when she had nearly given up, you brought joy she'd never known.

Week by week and month by month, her anticipation grew.
She furnished the nursery all in white, with touches of pink and blue.
There for your enjoyment, would hang upon the wall,
Several long ago purchased plates, of animals and children small.

From the attic the dusty cradle, that had once your Daddy's been;
To be put beside your mother's bed, should you have restless nights to spend.
But alas! when least expected, you made early your arrival.
The hospital they contacted said, there was no hope for survival.

They hold you tenderly for awhile, and gazed upon your tiny face,
You with Mommy's nose and dimpled chin; how they loved you baby Grace.
There seems no rhyme or reason, you were so perfect head to toe.
With so many lives wrongfully taken; why you, who were wanted so?

They picked for you a white domed bed, the smallest she's ever seen;
Your blanket is one your Mommy made, with tufts of yellow, pink and green.
Now you are lying near a shade tree, close beside your Grandma's head,
O'er looking your parents' big white house, upon the old homestead.