There are many things in life that make them great or small
But it comes to him that attitude is the most important of all
How they dress or wear their hair, will impress a few
But attitude is the most important trait that gives an opinion of you

Now a good or bad attitude are at the two extremes
But there are many more that fall, somewhere in between
Most people that they meet they do not need to impress
But a number are important, and they must show their best

So if you have a bad attitude, some work has come your way
You must strive to improve it just a bit every day
Smile and be out-going, always courteous and kind
And in your search for greatness a better attitude you will find

If you have a good attitude it will soon be recognized
And the playing field will become more level, right before your eyes
You must still work harder and never be satisfied
Successful people don't get their way waiting for a smoother ride

But if you don't know what you have, you must proceed with care
Good things will not come to your way simply because you are there
Ambition and industry are necessary, so always keep these close
With a good attitude behind them, you may become the most