Clothes are so necessary in modern society
Today's retailers offer such a wide variety;
All with such a rainbow of color do teem
They make mother's daughter a living dream.

The female body compliments all fashion
So they easily stir a young man's passions;
Levi Strauss has tailored his work jeans
To show off all the pluses of girls in their teens.

Boutiques are filled with styles so chic
They make a girl's boyfriend have difficulty to speak;
A beautiful girl with fashioned raiment
Shows everyone what the designer has meant

A beautiful girl with well-chosen clothes
Is a picture of rare beauty as everyone knows;
Think of how difficult it must have been for Eve
With only a fig leaf poor Adam to deceive.

Adam really enjoyed the autumn season
That is when the leaves fall and that is the reason;
He dearly loved Eve's statuesque beauty
As she tried to cover as is her duty.