What is LIFE?
Yes, what IS life?
As she stands here on the bridge over tumbling waters
She wonder why is the night so cold
Why is the night so dark.
As she looks down from the bridge
Why does she feel the waters so troubled, too.
She wants to join the furious, deep waters.

But no. The waters do not want her.
The cruel waves are rejecting her.
The mad thrashings of the waters are trying to keep her out.
Or, are the waves trembling in fear of her joining them?

She shall go home.
The past up to this moment shall be like the rocks and torrents below.
She shall stay above the past as she stands above the loud rushing below her.
She shall be like the tallest rock below;
The force all around that rock does not change the rock quickly.
So the life around her shall not affect her suddenly.
As the waters wear away the rock slowly
So shall time along age her slowly.