She DREAMS of a place called Earth
That inside your soul arrives a new birth.

She BRUSHES her naked feet along the bedded ground
That sweeps up the simple created sound.

She HEARS the whisper of the echoing wind passing by
That keep a mystery but never holds a lie.

She SEES one mountain, river; forest and valley
That sit upon the canopy of the tall trees above her.

She TALKS to the enchanted wooded beast
That senses good to one and all--a magical feast.

She REACHES to touch the endless farewell sky
That somewhere within is a free home for when she dies.

She SMELLS the wilderness of sweet fragrant air
That holds to you the beauty and delicate care.

She FEELS the rain fall from overhead on a peaceful day
That she reaches out to catch a tear of comfort she says.

She TASTES the lucious flowing water fall
That glides and coasts in your palms like musical balls.

She DANCES to the heartbeat of Mother Earth
That in her soul arrived her new birth.