They wait for the snow to melt, the sun to shine,
And to see the children playing in the warmth.

The snow is gone but the sun doesn't shine, They are all lost
In their own worlds, how does it happen?

Family, friends and total strangers gone in a few quick
Seconds. Did they go fast or did they suffer? Some ask, is
There still hope?

They find someone, is she still alive? YES, she is!
She is only fifteen months old, so new to the world, yet
Already knows more pain than anyone could imagine.

She's rushed to the hospital, seriously hurt, crying and
Scared. No man, no dad to comfort her, for you see, their
Whereabouts are still unknown; still under the debris.

A tragedy in the eyes of most, a deep sorrow in the hearts
Of all. Where do they go from here? Do they hide, do they fight?
Do they walk away as if it were only a bad dream, lost in their
Own worlds?