Veracious blood has finally come, why
Can't the world love each other as one?
Anger, rage has to overcome.
She listens to the man's humble words, knowing
How he raped many sistas and gave the milky
Light skin that has taken over.

Who do they think they are? They damn
Sure aren't animals, but that's the way
They've been treated. Hung, lenched and badly
Beaten. What about love between two
Anguishing repulsive souls. Everyone needs
A love to share life with, but not when abuse is
Taking control.

Heartache pounds rhythmically against her chest,
When you're in love there's abuse and racism there's
Corruption of the black image souls are being
Burned and a desirable awakening has got to
Come. Anger, rage has to overcome, but only
If the world would work as one.

Peace and Equality....