There's an angel here among them, she knows him, he's her friend.
His eyes are blue, his skin is soft, his voice is like the wind.
He walks this earth beside her, he carries her when she's weak,
He has taught her to express herself, without the need to speak.
His spirit flows right through her, like the gentleness of a breeze,
Yet his laughter rolls like thunder and he's always eager to please.
Love gave him strength to carry on, she cannot let him go,
He has made a rainbow in her life, you know she loves him so.
The lives he's touched, he's turned to gold, this angel shines so bright,
Please understand her twist of faith, please understand her fight.
For him she'd walk this world all over, just to find a cure.
You've given earth the sweetest gift, you must let him endure.
Don't take her friend, don't take her angel, don't take him away from her.
He's much too young, he's much too bright, he has so much to see,
So leave this shining, bright young angel on this earth for her.