Wondering rose...a gift, a treasure.
Sing to him your song of treason,
Let your sweet harmony bellow in his ears.
Caress his soul with your inner sanctum,
Address those sweet lips of candy to his.
Tell him of the long spent days,
Speak to him of a hundred years praise.

Your power engulfs him, swishes, and spits him out.
It leaves him to swoon and hate.
You know no bounds, follow no rules.
What commands your devilish deeds,
Who can soothe your primal needs?

You've left your work, you've branded his heart.
It was claimed like treasure, conquered like land,
Abandoned like a fallen soldier, washed away like sand.
Oh how evil, how cruel, how torturous are your ways,
You inspired, awoke, created this vicious monster inside him.
It abuses, invades, steals his darkest, deepest thoughts,
Only to expose them in divine rhythm to the world.
How can he, does he want to, should he stop it?
Will it find a new master, will it sing a new tune,
Can he redirect its aims, under the fallen moon?