He seen an old man and his friend setting
In front of a store one bright and sunny day
Him and his old dog, was just passing the time
Away, and as he looked at the old man and his
Friend and you could see the miles on their
Faces. And just at a glance, the old man and
His dog were gone, without any traces, he never
Did see that old man and his dog no more.
Until one day out in the park and out of
Nowhere came this real loud bark, he knew it
Couldn't be no one then, he knew it was the old
Man and his best friend, across the road without
Any fear and then his left eye dropped out a
Big old tear and there sat the old man and
His friend again in front of the store where
This story begins and if you stop and look
Back to where this story begins and it
Will tell the story of an
Old man and his friend.