"I feel like I'm home," these words she spoke;
As her feet touched the island, her spirit awoke.
This special island her place in the sun,
Far from the valley where her life was begun.

With dripping moss on gnarled oak trees,
Dancing waves echo the soft ocean breeze.
Fragrant azalea blossoms brilliant in their splendor,
Friendly seagulls soar with wings so tender.

Forever searching for her niche in the sun,
She surely knows this island is the one.
Where moss draped trees, wisteria entwined,
Midst the gentle ocean breeze, this treasure she finds.

Artists, writers, musicians abound,
Actors, athletes, fame can be found.
Culture, beauty, creativity are high,
With peaceful whispers of days gone by.

Haunting memories of ghosts from the past,
All seem to tell her "I've come home at last!"