Drums along the Little Big Horn beat loudly in the night.
As painted warriors dance until the morning light
Soon they ride out battle upon the morrow
Much to the women's chagrin and sorrow

Tales are told of legendary warriors and victories sweet
Victories against the Sioux, Cheyenne, Flathead, and Blackfeet
Tales that inflame the spirit and excite the heart
Filling each brave with the desire to fight, anxious to take part

But, their numbers are small and enemies are strong
Victory is far away and the battle is long
Though valiant and brace their warriors face defeat
There is no turning back, until the battle is complete

Hard hit, facing disaster, their warrior can take no more
Yet true to Crow legend and ancient lore
There appears a champion, an invisible warrior of the Crow
Who with his shield and War Club wielded a heavy blow

The battle is fierce; enemy warrior lie everywhere
Survivors begin to turn and run, too feeble to dare
Now the Crows are the victors, the enemy is gone!
An invisible warrior had waged his war and sung his victory song