It's like the waves in the ocean, with the trust of
Its winds, the spirit of a higher being lives deeper
Sometimes it's like the calm of the sea, a wide
Open space, full of something, but still it's empty.
It's like the birds soaring high, beyond the pillow
Of the colors, like a parent of a newborn babe,
Happy and proud.
It's like the voice of a singer, who touches the
Depth of your soul, with words that you memorize
And thoughts that you hold.
It's like reaching that goal, you set for yourself,
It's like being with that someone special, and no
One else.
It's like having the world placed securely at your
Feet, it's like feeling the rays of the sun without
The scorching heat.
It's like the gathering of family, with love as it's
Feast, it's a warm comfortable feeling of content,
It's "An Inner Peace."