The land of the "Free" they are no more,
Their constitution they want no more.
They are not to be taxed upon tax,
A wonder the air they breathe is not taxed.
They are lost amidst financial burden,
Heaven knows they even tax their children.
Not "One" under Love they are divisible,
Smother the dying embers do not rekindle.
Once they stood proud but now to sin they hail,
Cast off their dust to the prevailing gale.
Yet smolders hope for the land they once knew,
To live honestly is what one strives to do.
Please, dear America, open your eyes,
"Liberty" is all they ask or lest they die.
Dear Lord, let them learn to love again,
Please guide them and show them how to begin.
Look deep into one another's eyes,
See the love within and bind again the ties.
Let them become "One Nation" again,
In the eyes of their Lord to begin anew.