She had a talk the other day
With a man she hardly knew.
He listened carefully to every word
As she sat and spoke the truth.

She told of all the fears she'd had
And of all the pain she'd bore.
He touched her with his gentle hand
And he asked her to tell him more.

She told him about the times she'd sinned
Knowing each time that she did wrong,
And she wanted so much to correct her life
But was afraid she'd waited too long.

She went on to say she'd never felt
So loved as she had today.
She told of the joy within her heart
And of the peace he'd brought her way.

He comforted her by saying
That she had been touched by Love above,
And that she could turn her grief to joys
By giving Love's Son who had shared in her pain.

From that moment on, her life was changed
And she became a Love.
This can happen to anyone
Cause Love's always there to listen.