She waked to a bleak, rain-storm day
Most things seem dulled by tones of gray,
She watched yesterday's sun "set"--though
Brief--there was still an after-glow.
She recalls smiling as she said,
"Maybe fair weather lies ahead."
Right now, her mind is dark! Dreary!
Unsought thoughts have made her weary!
Actually, they made her sad
She yearned to make herself feel glad,
She looked outside. What a surprise!
As the scene changed before her eyes.
Rain ceased. Strong wind parted massed clouds
That rose high, then drifted like shrouds,
The sky blazed with a fiery hue--
Red, pink, gold, purple--streaked with blue.
Quick tears welled, fell, made her face wet
More ethereal--"this sunset"
In moments all ths will be gone
Huge scope, formations, tints, each one--
Not really gone, but out of sight
When day yields to darkness of night,
Sunrise! Sunset! Are always there!
Just like Love's Presence! Everywhere!