Forever and always, a dedication to you
Her promise of a lifetime of faithfulness and truth
Always and her heart, she swears these things on her life
Forever and a day, she'll make you glad you're her wife

Two words really quite simple, forever and always
She only loves you more with each passing day
Always is eternity, forever is the same
They're like that, a twosome joined by a name
Yeah, always and forever, their own private game

Forever means a lifetime, always will she care
Never will she falter as long as you're there
Always does she want your kisses, forever to be in your arms
She'll treasure you her whole life, never let you come to harm

Two words are what she promises, forever and always
She swears she'll grow to love you more every single day
Always means eternity, forever is her vow
She couldn't love you any more then she does right now
Yeah, always and forever, she will be your beau
Always and forever, just thought you should know