He held the gun in his hand, trembling with fear
He sensed, oh so quickly, that his loved ones were near.
Remembering the time that he could not fight,
The wretched nightmares that still haunt him at night.
To feel her once more, Love, her sensuous touch
Nothing in this realm would matter as much
He was scared he would do it, to take his own life,
He cursed the drunk who had smashed his children and his wife.
The legacy of them lives on in his heart,
But he can't take it anymore since the start
Of the demons that slowly devour his soul,
Have now begun to take control.
Beads of cold sweat caressed his face,
He never thought there was such a lonely place
Of the hell that he lived and that he portrayed in
The life of a crushed man, whose family had been taken.
He felt part of him die, in that terrible day
When he found his family, and he ran away.
He cocked the pistol, and without thinking twice,
He pulled the trigger, and with it, his life.