Whispering words of belonging,
Creates within him, endless longing,
For the warmth of a single touch;
How is it possible to love this much?

Your eyes sing a haunting melody,
Can in his mind this continue to be,
No longer will the lonely hours pass,
As only shadows, cast by sand thru glass.

You must tell him, with absence of sorrow,
Their love will last beyond every tomorrow;
He honestly believes he no longer should live,
Without this consuming love, only you can give.

How those words whispered so near,
Stay his mind from seeing crystal clear;
A danger lies with love conjured so deep.
See! The heart stolen, he had hoped to leap.

No longer can he resist your raven hair,
Revealing fragrance of summer air,
Soft shoulders bare, smooth as flowing cream.
When you move so gently through his dream.