An old friend stopped by to pass the time of day.
He asked him what he thought about the little girl shot in L.A.
He didn't know how to answer, he didn't know where to start,
But he felt the pain and anger that was raging in his heart.

"If I could change the world," he said, "it would be a better place.
I'd make a place in pencil that I could erase.
Working on a master plan, I'd put in wars and strife,
Sickness, rape and other crimes, world hunger and short life.

"Then I'd take my eraser and with a stroke of my hand,
I'd wipe out all the bad times and start a better plan.
When the plan was finished, I'd wrap it around the world,
Then we'd never have to lose another little girl."

When his friend got up to leave, he said, "I think that was Love's plan."
"It was," he said, "I read it in a book, but it's been messed up by man,
And I think Love would like our help to put it back in place,
But if we don't get started soon, there won't be a human race."