Kindness and tenderness, embracing one through a storm
Quivering through the thunderous roars, as lightening does flash from above
Sharing a silent prayer that soon Mother Nature will subside her visions of scorn
Living each moment, even through fear, understanding there's no reason to shove

All through the year as troubles come and go, a vibrant radiance continues to glow.
Fulfilling life's task, joyously and with zest and zeal, constantly renewing each other's appeal
Knowing a life with struggles and strife, strengthening to see good health even if slow
Sadness an ugly monster emotion they all know well, healed by one's concern when real

To wish good things and have and to hold, revealing a side no one else knows
Precious and divine, the ultimate love of her eye, it's no wonder sometimes she just sighs
Heartfelt desire an inspirational and magnetizing force do show
A commonplace, tranquil as outerspace, wonderful to see eye to eye

Passionate times, romance do incline a natural urge to splurge is splendor
Together in peace, with harmony they seek the world to a part of
Knowing each passing day as task completed go away, love will surely linger
Attracting, directing, shaping and molding in hope that success arouses

Blessings are prayed for and hopefully earned, but perfect love can still be flawed
Dealing and sealing, mending and bending, knowing and showing in the proper tune
The things they all call lovers' building tools to make forever awed
And looked forward to, yes she must feel herself a perfect union, a dreamed of companion soon.