He can't believe they're into another year
And Valentine's Day is oh so near,
He needs new sweet nothings to whisper in her ear
But after years of marriage, mixed with joys and tears
What more can he say, what gift can he give?
That says to his bride, "My love still lives,"
Maybe it best can be said by an intimate squeeze of the hand
That simply says, "I love you, we're like oceans and sand"
Distinct individuals, joined by a great divine plan,
An intimate union that's turned out just grand.
He so wishes he could give you a diamond, say a karat or two
To add brilliance and color to his feelings for you
But alas, 'tis not possible, the money's not there,
Then he senses your reply, saying, "I really don't care
We have love in our union, that's sufficient to share."
And they again clasp their hands, with an intimate touch
That says louder than thunder, "I love you so much."