That desired one, a familiar face to him, a relief,
Her presence is a hot summer day's breeze--
With her plump, scarlet, affectionate heart she is a motherly, cautious, bear
Soft and sensitive to any touch, it is also the cub.
So candy sweet and innocent,
But fastidiously demanding and excessively satisfied.
And in his sights he sees her into intriguing mien
With her creamy white limestone skin
And meadow snow mushroom hair.
With her stone wall strength and vertical bluff poise,
Ironically, the trade winds of life wisp her away.
A fallen angel stricken by vice,
Her lips are the blood of a thousand broken hearts,
Crying a lamb's fierce clarion of judgement,
A friend to her sight,
A boiling summer day's crunching breeze--
Cooling the sweat on his brow
And delivering him to sanctity.