The moon moves down behind the hills as the sun takes over the sky,
And there she waits with yearning desire to see that sky again.
She waits alone through night and day waiting as if she were in a trance,
Looking for one single star, looking up into space.
It has been said she can see this star after the morning dew has fallen on the
Grass beside her. For this is the star her lover named for her.
There she waits and waits and waits.
Saying the star's name over and over and over again.
Waiting for, who knows what, under the darkening sky.
Some people say she waits for nothing, some say she waits for her death,
But others just smile and think that she waits for her long lost love to come home and
See her once more.
There she sits on the hillside staring up into the sky,
And waiting...
And waiting...